High Hemp Wraps provide an organic alternative to tobacco-based smoking papers while adding benefits to the whole experience itself. Their visionary product line is exclusively created from raw hemp material with naturally occurring ingredients such as Chlorophyl & CBD (Cannabidiol), which is one of over a hundred active cannabinoids identified in the Cannabis plant. CBD is known to help improve the lifestyle of people living with disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and even nicotine addiction. The blunt wraps and rolling papers are 100% tobacco and GMO’s free, making them a healthy upgrade to the everyday user.

 While High Hemp Wraps continues to widen their range of flavors and presentations, they are actively campaigning at wellness centers to raise attention to information on CBD consumption supported by studies in smoking research. Directly from The Netherlands, grown beginning from the seed, High Hemp Wraps will turn out to be with no doubt your number one choice when it comes to smoking papers. Visit their website to check out their recently released flavors “Honey Pot Swirl” and “Maui Mango”. Use code "PHOTOLOGIC15OFF" for a 15% discount in your next purchase, click the button below!